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Proper pruning is crucial to having a healthy tree for years to come and is one of the most commonly employed practices by arborists. Improper pruning can lead to a host of health issues for the life of the tree. Proper structural pruning is important to establishing scaffolding branches, preventing codominant leaders, and minimizing hazard potential. One of the most important times for pruning is when the tree is young. Below is a list of common pruning mistakes:


  • Cutting into or past the branch collar

  • Leaving an excessive stub

  • Pruning under times of high disease pressure

  • Excessive removal of inner lateral branches (lion-tailing)

  • Topping, or heading cuts, to remove branch growing points

  • Pruning more than a healthy percentage of living canopy

  • Not properly disinfecting pruning tools when working on

    diseased trees


At Glacial Lakes Tree Service we have the proper training and education to employ best managment practices to keep the health of the plant at top priority.


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